Downloadable E-Book – Fight Your Fear and Win


We’ve all been there: that make-it-or-break-it moment of our careers—poised at the starting gate, under the spotlight, waiting to perform under pressure. At this point, where everything seems to be on the line, most of us experience one overriding reaction-fear-and this fear can have negative physical, mental, and emotional consequences on how well we do.

Don Greene, Ph.D., a renowned sports psychologist, has spent decades studying fear and its effect on performance. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Greene shares the proven techniques he has used with Olympic athletes, Grand Prix drivers, and professional golfers, to help them perform their best under competitive pressure.

“Don Greene leads readers on a strategic, goal-reaching mission in this compact, powerful, and often fascinating handbook. A former Airborne Ranger and Green Beret, Greene believes fear is only conquered by action–not by lying on a therapist’s couch. To that end, he courage’s readers to “embark on a training regimen” to flex seven specific fear-conquering muscles: determination, energy, perspective, courage, focus, poise, and resilience.”
– Liane Thomas

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