Downloadable E-Book – Performance Success


Dr. Greene spent more than a decade counseling Olympic and professional athletes before he began working with performing artists. He soon discovered that the mental skills that had produced Olympic gold medals and professional tournament wins also helped performers do their best under pressure.

This powerful book addresses the 7 essential skills for performing well under pressure: Determination, Poise, Mental Outlook, Emotional Approach, Attention, Concentration, and Resilience. You’ll also learn how performance stress affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally, and what you can do to limit its negative effects.

Dr. Greene also covers goal-setting techniques, regulating performance energy, the Centering process, mental rehearsal, building confidence, improving self-talk, developing an optimal outlook, dealing with distractions, achieving mental quiet, concentration, focusing strategies, recovering from mistakes, and a 21-day countdown to your best performance.

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